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Fic: Moments (8 drabbles)

*blows off the dust*

Hola all - I bring you a few drabbles for Fictober 2019. Hope everyone is well. ♥

Title: Moments
Author: Erin (erinm_4600)
Characters, Pairing: Jeb, DG, Wyatt, Adora, Az, Ahamo, the Queen, and a few OCs
Rating: G
Summary: Eight random drabbles, of various moments in time... hence the original title
Warning: various points in time *Written for fictober 2019. Prompts: "It will be fun, trust me.", "Just follow me, I know the area.", "Now? Now you listen to me?", "I know you didn't ask for this.", "I never knew it could be this way.", "I can't come back.", "I could really eat something."
Disclaimer: The original characters belong to L. Frank Baum and their respective actors. The current characters belong to Sci-Fi, the movie folks and their respective actors. The OCs are mine.

HERE at my fic/icons LJ
Tags: author: erinm_4600, character-centric: azkadellia, character-centric: dg, character-centric: jeb, fic: drabble, genre: general, pairing: ahamo/lavender eyes, pairing: jeb/dg, pairing: wyatt/adora, rating: g

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