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Fic: Drinking with Demons

Title: Drinking with Demons
Author: Erin (erinm_4600)
Characters, Pairing: Wyatt Cain (mention of Adora)
Rating: PG
Summary: A drunken Cain takes his rage out on the suit
Warning: post-series *Written for Weekly Quick Fic #8 at writerverse Prompts: "Salty Dog" (song by Flogging Molly) and Fatality
Disclaimer: The original characters belong to L. Frank Baum and their respective actors. The current characters belong to Sci-Fi, the movie folks and their respective actors. The OCs are mine.
Word Count: 264t

Cain drops down to his knees, gasping for air, as the hammer thumps to the ground next to him.
Tags: character-centric: cain, fic: oneshot, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, rating: pg

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