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About Tags:
Only moderators will be able to make new tags (moony_blues, erinm_4600 or myself), due to the trouble that arose when everyone was able to create their own tags. If you're trying to tag your story, and you realize that there isn't a tag for what you want -- please ask one of the mods to add it for you -- ask nicely.

Tagging Your Fic:
We ask that when you're tagging your stories, please do so accordingly. So far we have tags for pairings/characters, ratings, genres and length -- it would be nice to see you tagging for all of that.

• Only tag for the central pairing of your story. If Cain/Glitch is what your story's focusing on, but you have slight mentions of Cain/Adora -- only tag for Cain/Glitch. If someone looking for a Cain/Adora fic searchs by that tag, it will be quite disheartening to find a fic where it's barely mentioned.

• 'Slight Cain/DG' is not the call to use the Cain/DG pairing, because when people are looking up stories tagged "pairing: cain/dg," most of them want more than just 'slight.' A story with only a slight pairing is better suited for character-centric tags.

• If your story has no pairings, this is a given, do not use a pairing tag.

• If your story is slash, we'd like for you to use the "pairing: slash" tag -- it offers a warning. However, het stories don't require tags.

• When the tags were created, we didn't get every possible pairing, obviously. If you find yourself really liking a certain pairing, but find it hasn't been added to the tag list, please ask one of the mods to do so for you.

• This is to be used if there are no pairings in your story -- only tag for the main character(s).

• Do not use a character-centric tag for every character in your story. There is a maximum of three character-centric tags on each story, though if I can say so honestly, I wouldn't expect more than two to be used.

• We follow the 'G to NC17' rating system. When taging, you'll see 'PG13 - PG16' -- it's basically like the 'Teen' rating over at Fanfiction.Net.

• Drabble, oneshot, work-in-progress -- those are the three 'length' tags. Drabbles are 100-500 words in my book, so only if your story falls under that catagorey does it get the 'drabble' tag. That same entry can get the 'oneshot' tag as well.

• Oneshots are anything that aren't chaptered.

• Should be plenty self-explanatory. We understand that some stories may have a few different genres, so we won't restrict you to using a certain number of these tags -- just please keep it reasonable.

• Do not use the 'mod' tag, as it's reserved for the three moderators for when we have to make notices or whatever.

• The 'question' tag can be used for someone asking about canon facts in the Tin Man universe or if someone has a question for the whole community.
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